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Mr. Kari Lähteinen
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Mrs. Sanna Rausaskoski
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We buy movable properties and estates. 

Hi, we are Mrs. Sanna Raudaskoski and Mr. Kari Lähteinen from Hyvinkää, Finland. Our business is to buy movable properties and estates in Southern Finland area. 

We have been in this business of buying and selling for past 30 years. Most of our business is here in Finland, but since Scandinavian design is sought after also internationally, we have been making business world wide.  

For us it's not only about buying and selling, it's also about bringing people together in our annual antique fairs event in Billnäs, Finland. 


We offer free evaluation of movable properties and estates. 

Whether you are looking for fair offer of your valuables or you have deceased relatives movables, we offer easy, reliable and discreet service. 

  1. Please book us for onsite evaluation.
  2. During evaluation we make you an offer of purchase.
  3. Once offer has been accepted, we make the payment in cash or to your bank account. 
  4. We transport goods as agreed.

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When we buy estates and furniture, we sort the goods responsibly. Responsibility means to us that all goods always have a place or purpose. Usable goods are found a new home or donated to those in need. Goods that have come to an end are always recycled properly and responsibly.

Every year, we collect a lot of usable clothes and goods, which we continue to distribute directly to those who need them and through various NGOs.

Clothes and textiles that are no longer suitable for use are passed on as raw material.

Onsite evaluation booking

All booking are confirmed by phone or email

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